Nathans first exposure to CrossFit was at CFX in 2011 when he was 30 years of age under the coaching of Mick Shaw regional Director for CrossFit Australia. He had trained for 12 years to be strong and fit but nothing could compare to results he achieved in such a short period of time with CrossFit. Nathan found strength he never knew he had and developed skills like gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting. He loved constantly learning new things and could always see progression in this type of training, so let’s just say he was hooked.

Being a competitive person Nathan was immediately interested in testing his fitness at local comps and eventually leading to being a regional competitor in teams and as an individual. He’s been fortunate enough to have trained with and competed with and against CrossFit games competitors and been taught by some of the best coaches in Australia and the world in the sport of fitness.

Nathan has been a CrossFit coach for close to 5 years now and regards it as one of the most rewarding things he has been apart of. “I love finding new ways to test people’s work capacity and strength and I enjoy giving back to the community what I have learnt over the years as competitor and as a coach and just seeing everyday people progress and get fitter stronger faster and healthier.”

  • CrossFit Level 2 Coach
  • CrossFit Strongman Trainer
  • Regionals Individual Athlete
  • Regionals Team Athlete
  • 2017 35-39 Masters games hopeful